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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Donald Trump : 74 Days Of Useful Idiocy By Vitus Ozoke

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People are complaining that Vladimir Putin has not congratulated Joe Biden. Well, I don't think it is because Putin doesn't want to congratulate Biden, I believe it is because Putin is too busy right now. If Joe Biden came upon a goldmine, i doubt he would have the time to congratulate himself.

Between election loss on November 3 and January 20, 2021, Donald Trump has 74 days of continued access to America's most sensitive security and intelligence secrets. With the Defense Secretary out of his way, only God knows how much file copying and transmission to Russia Donald Trump is engaged in right now.

Believe it or not, Donald Trump is Russia bound. That's the one place he feels he can run to escape the legal reach of New York Attorney General. But the KGB chessmaster will not open the gates of Russia to a highly valued American fugitive (useful idiot they call it in Moscow) without something in return. Vladimir Putin will mine the vaults of American intelligence to their bare bones for the next 70+ days.

If you thought Donald Trump was a national security threat for the past four years, pray for America for the next 74 days. American national security might never have been as threatened as it is in these remaining 70+ days of this Russian agent. Makes you doubt the wisdom of America's founding fathers in keeping a fired American president in office for another 74 days. I guess they never imagined an American president on Russian payroll.

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