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Monday, October 5, 2020

Nigerian Army To Conduct Promotion Examinations Exercise In Ogun

- - - Urges The Public Not To Panic On Seeing Movement Of Troops And Military Equipment

Following the forecast of event 2020 in army circle, the Headquarters, 81 Division of Nigerian Army(NA), has concluded all arrangements to conduct promotion examinations within its area of responsibility this October from 11th to 16th.

About 65 candidates - Captains, are expected to participate at the promotion examinations christened Captain to Major Practical Promotion Examination (CMPPE) in Ogun State that upon completion, would catapult successful participants from Captains to Majors. 

In a release by Major Osoba Olaniyi, Acting Deputy Director, 81 Division Army Public Relations and seen by The Daily Crucible, he stated that the participants will be tested in various categories of exercises.

Osoba specifically stated that the exercises will revolve around physical/medical fitness, map reading, tactics, low intensity conflicts, communications, french language, skill at arms and staff duties at different stages.

According to him, the examination seeks to assess and prepare junior officers towards attainment of staff course while improving their knowledge and standard in the military profession.

He advised the public - particularly residents and indigenes of both Lagos and Ogun States respectively, not to panic upon seeing movement of troops and military equipment  between the two States from October 10th to 16th.

The Acting Deputy Director, 81 Division Army Public Relations, explained that representatives of army headquarters, training and doctrine command, members of examination panel, directing staff and candidates from formations and units of NA as well as supporting staff from 81 Div. are also expected during the exercise while candidates and officials would be conveyed in military escort to designated staging areas in Ogun State for the period of the examination.

He added that the Commander, Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) NA, and who doubles as the Examination President, will address the candidates and examination panel at 35 Brigade  Officer's Mess, Alamala Barracks, Ogun State on Sunday, October 10th and later on October 16 at the same venue.

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