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Thursday, October 8, 2020

BBNaija Has Created More Jobs And Creative Careers In Nigeria By Bukola Olopade

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What I find ludicrous in the hues and cries, is the fact that people can be so narrow minded in their criticism of what I also term to be a fantastic gesture and by the way, not the first to be so honored by a Governor of their state.

Let us look at the facts that have been so distorted. The first fact, is that Big Brother as a program, was first experimented in The Netherlands I think around 1999. It became a global phenomenon by the Millennium. It resonated well across the globe for many years before it eventually came to Africa. Secondly, it is not true that Big Brother is a program devoid of intellectual content. On the contrary, it is a social experiment on how people of different backgrounds will cope if locked away with total strangers for days and weeks. 

I however have criticized the format in Nigeria for single reason of not adhering to the original idea of bringing people of different ages, financial background, educational levels, disability or ability, sexual orientation amongst others, it has always been testosterone filled young men and women that have been brought to the house year in year out and this has easily sent a wrong message to a few people.

Looking beyond that criticism of mine above, BbN has in actual fact created more jobs, more millionaires and more creative careers all over Nigeria and by the way, all contestants have always been graduates with some coming into the house with multiple higher education.

Let me mention a few success stories in the last few years. Ebuka the presenter of bbn was a housemate, Uti was a winner and today with a flourishing career in TV entertainment, Kevin was a winner and today a very successful entrepreneur in oil and gas, Miracle was a winner who went on with is earnings and extras from his state Governor Okorocha to the best Aviation school in the US and today a pilot, Efe was a winner who is today doing very well also in oil and gas from earnings including that given to him by Governor Okowa, Bisola was a runner up and today one of the best actors in the country, Cece was a runner up and has a thriving business while also excelling as a lawyer in Lagos, Tobi Bakre from Ago iwoye came third behind Efe and cece and today is one of the biggest social media influencer in Nigeria( my company uses is expertise always).

Now we have Lekan with stage name Laycon, who like almost all who went to the house this year, has a degree but also has a passion in showbiz vis a vis singing and felt the biggest platform to leverage on for the growth of his career, was bbn, went there kept his eyes on the ball, behaved like a true omoluabi and won. A young man from my Egba heritage of Ogun State whose time it is to shine and grow, found on his side, a Governor who clearly understands that building capacities is also important for the social economic growth of the state.  

I Bukola Olopade salute our Governor for understanding that a reward system of this nature to a deserving Ogun indigine, will go a long way towards encouraging more young indigines towards striving to become great either through education or their God given craft or skill.

God bless our Governor and God bless Ogun State.

Hon. Bukola Olopade is the former Commissioner for Youth and Sports in Ogun State

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