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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Help Save Boy Toyin's Life, He Needs N4m For Cardiac Surgery


Five year old boy, Oluwatoyin Abdulsalam, needs urgent Cardiac Surgery. He  was diagnosed of Tetralogy of Fallot in 2018 and has barely conservative management.

On July 2nd, 2020 Babacock University Teaching Hospital estimated N525,000 (Five Hundred and twenty five thousand Naira) for Catherterization while N3,200,000 (Three million, Two hundred thousand Naira) for surgery which covers three days admission in ICU and three admission step down.

The teaching hospital also informed that the bills only covers procedures that additional charges might occur when the boy stays longer. 

This medical bill is far outside what the modest earnings of Oluwatoyin's parents could afford or address.  

Abdulsalam family seeks the help of kind hearted Nigerians, individuals and groups to come to their assstance and save the life of boy Oluwatoyin.

 Even as a child awaiting this life - saving Operation, Oluwatoyin keeps showing comforting signs of a boy with great potentials for his family and the nation but he has to live to fulfil the budding great destiny in the land of the living.

Your donation towards the surgery means helping him to live and fulfil his great potentials and may God strengthen your hands as you respond to this call to help boy Oluwatoyin.

All financial donation should be channelled  to; account number:0422959910
Account name: Oluwatoyin Abdulsalam
Bank: GTB

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