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Monday, April 13, 2020

Ogun Politicians Behind Sidi Osho's Travails - Olusanya, Ex - member, OOU Governing Council

                 • Sidi Osho

                     • Olusanya
Funso Olusanya is an alumnus of the state - owned Olabisi Onabanjo University(OOU) , former Rector, D.S. Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic, Itori, and ex - member of the Governing Council of OOU. In this exclusive interview with The Daily Crucible, Olusanya bares his mind on Sidi Osho, the woman at the Education, Science and Technology Ministry of Dapo Abiodun - led Ogun State Government.

Sir, you happened to be a member of the Governing Council of OOU when Sidi Osho was invited to join the university. What can you remember about her in respect of that time?

Luckily, I happened to be an alumnus of Olabisi Onabanjo University and also a member of the Governing Council. I knew her as a lecturer when she was brought into the university system. I was already in the system. Actually, the then Vice - Chancellor; Prof. Afolabi Soyode, had to bring her from Ibadan because we needed extra capable hands. She was so hard working, so intelligent that her coming brought in a lot of revolutions, she brought in a lot of investment opportunities where she was asked to be the head of that investment something and those were some of the things that turned the University around.

But the general feeling in the state is that she is not qualified to head the education ministry....

(Cuts in.) For anyone to come around to say she is not qualified, is pure politics. Those who claimed she is not qualified if you know, tell me because, I don't know any of them yet, let them bring out their CVs. Let them bring out the criteria for appointment of a lecturer or commissioner and then we can assess the situation by that. Anybody is free to say what he/she likes but the issue is, papers do not lie. This is someone that studied abroad, this is someone who happened to be the foundation Vice - Chancellor of a private university in Nigeria and within a space of five years, she turned it around to become one of the leading three private universities in the country, that is Afe Babalola University. How could someone say such a person is not qualified? Let those making such comments come forward with their qualifications, you will discover that they are faceless people. Look, I was a member of the Governing Council and we had some records with us which justified (her appointment) and which nobody can dispute that today. The Olabisi Onabanjo University is still there and all these Hullabaloo and the noise they are making about, to the best of my knowledge,  it is not from the Olabisi Onabanjo University, in all honesty, there are certain things I can't reveal but the university is not the one making the noise, those making the noise  are politicians who are outsiders, they are the ones cooking up all these things. You can go there and interview people. You can find out from some of the Professors who this woman is.  She was one of the best hands that we had then. If we are playing politics, let's play politics but the era of politics has gone, we are now into the era of governance. 

So, why all the allegations flying around her, are you in anyway insinuating that they are baseless?

It is all politics, propaganda and enemies of progress at work but be rest assured that politicians are behind it.

The thinking is that someone relieved of her job at the university over alleged ethical issue and misconduct should not head the Education ministry. And there is a sack letter in public domain about it. What is your response to that?

For your information, I can tell you the truth about the issue of the sack. She wasn't sacked. You see,  there are some things I will not deliberately disclose here. I think what happened is this: Every time someone is making a progress, enemies will arise. The information I have is that there was a Committee where they tried to invite her two or three occasion and she did not get a letter, she was not aware of it and they tried to capitalize on that.  If people need your help, within an hour or ten minutes, they will call you on phone but if they want to deal with you, they will just write letter and a lot of things, hid it in a file, you won't see it and you won't be aware of it. 
Such (tactics) is not new in Nigeria. It is all propaganda, enemies of destiny. I know or can still remember that she was never recommended for sack.

 If such is the case, what informed all that are happening to her ?

If you just want to destroy someone, you just cook up all kinds of lies against the person. Let me tell you my personal experience. When I was a Rector at the D.S Adegbenro ICT Polytechnic, Itori,  some union leaders didn't like me,  and they wrote a petition to the then Governor Ibikunle Amosun and to the Commissioner of Police that I stole N300million in one session and the total income of the Polytechnic for that session was N28m. The Governor set up a Committee to investigate the N300million allegation against me and counted the students, the Committee did head count (one by one). The head of the team was a Director at the  Ogun State Internal Audit. For them to decide that the total income was N28million and out of N28m, I spent N300m, you could see what people can do. When we got to the Commissioner of Police who invited us and the union leaders because they threatened to destabilize the school. And the man asked,  "where is the record of the N300million?"  They were looking at each other and couldn't answer the question. And the man then told them, you wrote this Petition to me. Where is the document? No answer from them.  I brought the Audited report  of the account of the school. The person that wrote the petition claimed to be a union leader but others in the union who were the union executives, were not aware what he wrote and then they began to fight among themselves before the Police Commissioner. 
So, if some people want to destroy their fellow human beings, all they needed to go about it, is to say for example, that Mr Lagbaja, we caught him,  he's a ritualist in fact we caught him killing goat and killing a human being and some people will naturally won't investigate it but will first  believe what they have heard  before finding out the truth. Some will not investigate at all, they will just carry the same bad news and start spreading it. Some will also engage in telling lies against other people. Lying against other people or others is not a new thing in Nigeria.

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