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Friday, April 24, 2020

Lockdown: We'll Deal Ruthlessly With Criminal Elements - Ogun Police Command Warns

... Also Urges Residents Not To Panic Over 'One Million Boys' Gang's Threat

                   • Ebrimson


Heritage Odih, Abeokuta

Members of a criminal gang suspected to be the "One Million Boys" and who were smoked out and evicted from Lagos State, has allegedly written some landlords and residents of Ogun State, notifying them ahead of their planned invasion of the state for criminal activities.

The faceless group were said to have instructed residents to wait for them with food and cash in the notice served on some of them or pasted on walls and electricity poles in their areas,  leaving many in an atmoshere of fear and anxiety, The Daily Crucible learnt.

Places where knowledge or discussion  of such notices was rife include Adigbe in Obafemi Owode Local Government Area, Abeokuta, the state capital, Ifo, Isabo, and parts of Ijebu and Remo in Ogun East Senatorial district of the Gateway State.

No date was given regarding the planned criminal visitation but the Ogun State Police Command urged the people not to panic, dissmissing the authors of such  letters as " a faceless group" undeserving of any response were it not for the need to allay the fears and worries of Ogun residents.

The Command through its Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, in a release, vowed to deal ruthlessly with criminal gang seeking to hibernate in the state.

 Abimbola stated:  "The attention of Ogun state police command has been drawn to a letter purportedly written by a faceless group who called itself  "one million boys" to the good people of Ogun State informing them of their intention to storm the state to carry out criminal activities.

"The command wouldn't have dignified the said letter with a response, but for the purpose of allaying the fear of good people of the state, the response becomes necessary.

"To start with, the Command is not perturbed by the mischievous letter because we have what it takes to deal decisively with any criminal gang who may want to infiltrate the state under any guise or nomenclature.

" Since the commencement of the lockdown ordered by the Federal Government, the  Command is not oblivious of the fact that some hoodlums may want to take advantage of the situation to perpetrate one crime or the other and that informed the decision of the Commissioner of police, Kenneth Ebrimson, to activate all the Command's tactical squads such as SARS, anti kidnapping unit, anti cultists unit, PMF as well as other conventional policemen and put them on red alert with  the mandate to deal ruthlessly with anyone or group that may want to make life difficult for law abiding citizens of the state.

 "The Command  therefore wishes to assure the good people of the Gateway State not to panic or be unnecessarily  apprehensive as the Command will not allow any hoodlums to fester or hibernate in the state."

"The command also wishes  to warn those who are in the habit of sending fake news capable of causing fear in the minds of  the people to desist from such devilish act as the command will be tracing the source of such fake news with a view to dealing with the author in accordance with the existing law of the land.

" Also, the commissioner of police is using this medium to send a note of warning to those who have formed the habit of taking laws into their hands by embarking on jungle justice to deal with suspected criminals, adding that  anybody caught in such act will be seriously dealt with. 

A case study at hand  is that of  four innocent young men that were mistaken for armed robbers who were arrested, beaten and tied both hands and leg by members of the public at Oke Ata area of Abeokuta on Thursday 23rd of April 2020. Save for the quick intervention of policemen attached to the state task force, the four young men  would have been beaten to death. 

"The commissioner of police has ordered a full scale investigation into the circumstances surrounding the inhuman treatment  meted on  these young men with a view to bringing  those involved to justice. The outcome of the investigation, the Commissioner assured will be made known to members of the public."

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