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Thursday, January 16, 2020

What To Do To Reposition Amotekun, By Ogun LP

Amotekun, the brilliant, highly cerebral, an extremely forward - looking , very desirable alternative security outfit was unintentionally driven into the negative politics of crude minds across the country, despite the project's great potentials. It could have been a national model.  A lot of unsolicited and corrosive defense, unwelcome interferences as support from surviving Jonathanians for the project are very unfortunate. So many treacherous people who often equate old age to intelligence are currently loud and dangerously militant in their selfish support for the project.

However, the Yoruba people have come to know what these fifth  columnists stand for. The Yorubas have for a decade back withdrawn recognition for these remnant Jonathan apologists. 

It is obvious that they will not stop the deceit of claiming to be speaking for the Yorubas, so the Southwest Governors should not leave room for  people who have issues with the government at the centre to use Amotekun as spring board to wage hidden war against the government and thereby rubbish the once in a lifetime opportunity to get Amotekun working.

To worsen the situation, a grave error was made in, allegedly, allowing the involvement of an organisation whose legality of existence is even in serious doubt, to play part in the coming of  Amotekun. For example, there is the suspicion that the bulk of officers and men of the very popular security outfit, Amotekun, may be drawn from the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC). These are men who can't be trusted to be civil all the time.
What Should Be Done To Reposition Amotekun Now 

The Governors should as a matter of urgency send a bill for the establishment of Amotekun to their various houses of Assembly for enactment.

The bill of course will set out the procedure for recruitment into Amotekun,  qualifications et al . Further more, it will set the procedure for operation, the scala - chain, emoluments and other checks and balances.

The six Governors in their respective States should discourage all the unsolicited , undesirable and unwelcome noise makers pretending to champion the establishment of Amotekun.

In all  seriousness, do the State Governors need these sudden defenders to achieve Amotekun? No in  Capital.

Nothing can obliterate the need and the perfect timing of project Amotekun and its importance can't be over - emphasised.

In conclusion we in Labour Party totally and  conclusively support the concept of Amotekun and hope urgent steps will be taken to recover the project from the current crudeness it has been pushed by the unnecessary attempt at trying to welcome all on board. The six South West Governors owe it to Yoruba land to do the needful to get this very important and beneficial project working rightfully. All the current parasitic tendencies must be cleanly pruned out.

Welcome to Amotekun and may posterity judge the ones  trying to give a bad colouration among the Yorubas .

We in Labour Party Ogun State genuinely wish Amotekun a great arrival.

From Comrade Arabambi Abayomi,
Immediate past IPAC chairman &
Ogun Labour Party State Chairman

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