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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Native Cult Group After My Life, Insurance Expert Cries Out

From Ayonotte Ufuoma, 
An Insurance expert, Igho Osowa, has raised the alarm over persistent attempts by a native cult group in his Delta State hometown to make him a Chief Priest in the shrine of a family god known as Igbe/Irinmiotor.

Osowa, a former senior official with a Lagos based Insurance Company in Lagos, hails from one of the Communities in Oghara zone of Ethiope Local Government area of Delta State.

The father of two told The Daily Crucible that these native cult members were the same people, that allegedly persecuted his father way back in May 1997 until he died for abandoning his role as the community’s Chief Priest and converted to Christianity.

Speaking with worried looks, Osowa recalled: “My father inherited the position of chief priest from his father and I remember that as a child, he was always taking me to the native shrine to learn the rudiments of worship.

“There, I learned the worship modes, how to invoke spirits, how to receive extra-terrestrial messages for the community and all the rest.

“In the course of this, my face and belly were scarified with incisions. However, trouble began on November 26, 1996, when my father converted to Christianity and renounced the Igbe/Irinmiotor native religion.

“And in tow, we the children and some other family members joined my father in converting to Christianity, a step which the shrine’s adherents considered not only sacrilegious but an offence deserving death.

“Following the threats to life from these idol worshippers, my father had to flee the village along with his family members.
“The idol worshippers threatened to kill him if he did not return to the shrine to resume his duties but he would not budge. So a year after, local assassins were sent after him and he was killed.

“After his death, the oracle picked my uncle who was made a chief priest. But three years ago, my uncle died and the traditionalists had to send an emissary to my house in Lagos that the oracle had chosen me to replace my uncle.”

Osowa said he declined the offer but that the traditionalists had been threatening his life ever since, reminding him of how his father's experience and that if he failed to cooperate, he would experience same.

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