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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

I Became Victorious Because I Didn't Return My Foes' Rage With Rage, Says Abiodun

The Ogun State  Governor, Prince   Dapo Abiodun has disclosed that  one of the things that ensured his triumph in the 2019 governorship election was the decision to remain "calm" during the fit of rage and violence directed at him inside the MKO Abiola Stadium, Abeokuta, by political opponents who vowed he would never become Governor of Ogun State.

 Abiodun said he was booed and chased with cutlasses, adding that when the reign of nasty things being meted out to him took a frightening dimension, his wife; Mrs. Bamidele Abiodun, could not help tapping his back from the rear where she sat, pleading with him to keep his cool in midst of attacks.

The Governor, who revealed this at this year's Universal Week of Prayer, with the theme: "Liberty With Christ," organised by the Iperu Branch of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN),  on Saturday evening, noted that anger could rob a one his or her destiny, if not well managed.

He said: "It is good not to be angry. I always pray to God not to allow me be angry. I know what God has done in my life. If you remember what happened at the Stadium the day the President came... We all went from Iperu, and they began to pursue us with cutlasses, booed us and did so many nasty things to us.

"But the spirit of God kept on telling me not to do or say anything but to sit down and watch. It got to a point that my wife tapped me from the back and whispered to me not to react. I must say that it is good not to be angry, because it is the virtue of not getting angry that day that contributed to our victory at the poll," he explained.

Prince Abiodun, who also stressed the importance of forgiveness, said  he had forgiven those who offended him before, during and after the gubernatorial election in the State, adding that God used his adversaries for his upliftment.

The Governor said his experience during the electioneering campaign has thought him big lessons on why he should not be angry and also to forgive those who stepped on his toes, as commanded by God.

"It is natural for humans not to forgive. You will hear people say, 'over my dead body,' but God commanded us to forgive those who offend us. It is when we forgive others that God will also forgive us his children and lift us up."

The Governor stressed that God has been kind to the people of Iperu, Remoland and the entire State, urging the people to have faith in God.

He added that God is able to do whatever He promised, calling on them to be ready  for tests, as "there is no testimony without a test."

In his sermon titled, "Desist from Anger," the officiating Clergy, Rev. Adekunle Taiwo traced sources of anger to man and the devil, enjoining the people to run away from anger as it was capable of ruining lives and bringing destruction to even an entire city.

He said for man to live a life devoid of anger, he must learn to forgive, have a personal relationship with God and be at peace with every man, saying that a man with an unforgiving spirit could miss his destiny.

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