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Saturday, January 11, 2020

Foremost Paints Manufacturer, Shittu, Foresees Business Opportunities In Pelican Valley Estate

    • Shittu and Adeyemo

From Heritage Odih, 

The Daily Crucible Property Crew sighted  Nigeria's foremost Paints manufacturer, Michael Shittu, some days ago at the Pelican Valley Estate, Abeokuta, Ogun State.

 It is not clear what was his mission but it is not unlikely that the indegenous paint manufacturer must have seen an opportunity at the Pelican Valley Estate to grow his market more and more through building a symbiotic relationship with the estate promoter, Tunde Adeyemo.

According to real estate watchers, such visit makes business sense. 

They reasoned that the beauty of a house and its finishing lies in its painting and real estate creates market for operators in the paints business.

House paints add value and aesthetics to both new and old buildings. It also helps to protect and preserve the surface of building's walls from the direct effects of rain, sun among others.

In the competitive paint business, exploring 
 the Real Estate Sector in Nigeria by any paint manufacturer for paints market share, makes economic sense. 

And given the emerging sprawling estate the Pelican Valley Estate has become with all its potentials, there is no gainsaying that it would not pass as surprise if players in the paint industry have started seeing it as a veritable bride.

"Shittu must have seen the market potentials for paints at the Pelican Valley Estate. It makes sense if a relationship is being cultivated between him and the promoter of the estate. Such relationship can  open doors for paints market tomorrow. You never can tell," an real estate watcher in Abeokuta said.

The Daily Crucible recalls that former Speaker of the Ogun state House of Assembly, Bashorun Muyiwa Oladipo, visited the estate recently and hailed the level of property investments going on there,  describing it as initiatives that would help address the housing needs of people.

Also, a Canadian based Nigerian,  Uthman,  was marvelled at the development within the estate, particularly, the aesthetics, the comfort and serenity it promises.

Uthman, despite his acquaintance with the beauties of property abroad with their architectural wonders, could not resist the inviting panoramic view of the Pelican Valley Estate and its accessibility yet free from the traffic bedlam that is the undoing of some others found in places  like Lagos, Abuja and Port - Harcourt. 


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