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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Amotekun : Senator Adeola Renew Calls For State Police

From Jane Okafor, 

Following the furore generated between the Attorney General of the Federation, state governors and other stakeholders with the launching of “Operation Amotekun” by governors of South West geopolitical zone, Senator Solomon Adeola(APC, Lagos West) has called on the Federal Government to immediately set in motion machinery for the establishment of state police as a way of allaying fears and concerns in some quarters about a “regional security force”.

The senator who is the chairman of Senate Committee on Finance in a statement said that the establishment of much agitated for state police is the only acceptable way to stop ‘Amotekun’ and other similar bodies already in operation and copycat varieties in offing following security challenges facing various parts of the nation.

“While I will commend the Nigerian Police Force in particular and other security agencies for the efforts in curbing crimes, terrorist acts and insurgency in the society, we are faced with the reality of increasing crimes that are even sophisticated and widespread in nature arising from our population explosion and technological innovations.

"The Police ratio to the population is very inadequate and this is where state police come in handy as not only a best practice all over the world but the logic that local inhabitants are better place to prevent, detect and combat crimes in their locality. As in other advanced nation, this does not preclude the existence of a Federal police,” he stated.

 Senator Adeola urged the Federal Government to immediately set administrative and legislative machineries in motion for the realization of state police through a fast-tracked constitutional amendment as the alternatives, in face of continuing insecurity, may be the resort to self-help by citizens or the launching of varieties of ‘Amotekuns’ by geopolitical zones.


“As a representative of my people, I support their wishes for the security of their lives and property though all legitimate means as is now expressed in the Amotekun model but my understanding from the information in public domain is that the financing, recruitment of personnel and operations of the regional security arrangement is to be state based with only a minimal coordination or operation at the regional level. This further underscores the need for state police establishments across all states of the federation” he stated.

The senator in a release by his Media aide, Chief Kayode Odunaro, recalled that part of the APC promised agenda in government was restructuring of the federation and said Federal Government should look at all recommendations by bodies set up by governments in the past and APC restructuring agenda stressing that state police should rightly form part of restructuring of Nigeria going forward.

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