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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

'I Vomited After Eating Concoction Prepared With Favour's Heart, Breasts'

•The Suspects: Pastor Segun Philip,                                  Adeeko Owolabi and mom,
                               Mrs Bola Adeeko

Ayobami Ife, 

Mrs Bola Adeeko, mother of the 23 years old Adeeko Owolabi, who allegedly murdered his lover; Miss Favour Daley - Oladele, is not a happy woman anymore.

 She is in turmoil. She disclosed with pains that her son, Owolabi and Pastor Segun Philip of a white garment church located in Ikoyi - Ile, Osun State, deceived her. 

She lamented that in the eyes of the world, she is now a partner with her son and Pastor Segun over a heinous crime she knew nothing about.

At Eleweran, the Headquarters of the Ogun State Police Command, remorseful Bola told reporters that she never knew the concoction served her by Pastor Segun Philip was prepared with Favour's heart, breasts and other vital organs harvested from the slain final year Theatre Arts student of the Lagos State University, Ojo.

She denied knowledge of the killing. She said it was hurting to her upon realising that someone's promising daughter had been killed for ritual purpose, saying as a mother, she won't encourage such grave sin if she knew life was going to be taken.

The woman said that a persistent business misfortune drove her to seek solution from Pastor Philip, adding that she vomited some hours after eating the weird delicacy prepared with ingredients sourced from Favour's organs.

She disclosed that she ate the thing innocently, having initially being told by her son and Philip that the concoction contained only goat meat.

Bola said: "I went to Pastor Segun for the spiritual problems facing our family. There is nobody that does not go through problems and that was why I went there so that he can assist us spiritually. 

"I went there for solutions to our problems. Before I went there, I spoke with him on the phone and he told me all that would be done for me and my family.  

"I had a dream and he told me that the dream is what would determine the kind of spiritual ritual they would do for me.  He gave me a soap and after using it, I dreamt that I saw myself giving foods to people. The next day, I called him and explained my dream to him and he told me I need to do sacrifice for my deceased parents because that is why I am having setback in all I have been doing. 

"He told me I will need to cook for people and he told me I would need to buy a goat and other food stuff for the sacrifice. 

"I gave him N200,000 for the sacrifice and he bought the goat like he claimed and I saw as they cook and distributed the food to the people living in the environment where the church is located.  

"They also package some into plastics and gave it to beggers. In the evening of the day I did the sacrifice, he came to where I lodged and told me that they would use the goat's vital organs to make concoction for me.  

"In the night of the same day, the pastor bought the concotion like he promised. I only ate little out of the concotion bought to me because I am not a fan of such thing.  Infact, I vomited after eating it unknown to me that they used human being to make the concotion for me.

"I did not know anything about the killing of the girl, I was surprised when the police told me that my son has committed murder. 

"I was never aware that the concotion they gave me contained human being.  I felt bad and devastated. Infact, I have not eaten anything since Friday that I have been arrested. 

"It is hurting and I couldn't even imagine it that I have eaten human being without my consent. I am also a mother and it really touched my heart that they killed someone's daughter for me.They can't tell me they want to use human being for me and I will agree with them."

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