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Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Pastor Adeboye Says Shocking Change Of Governments, Vulcanoes Coming This Year


From Heritage Odih,

Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God(RCCG) has likened this year 2020 to a "child having convulsion," saying there would be  many bitting challenges around the world, including Nigeria, and urged christians to put on their garments of prayer to remain victorious throughout the new year.

Adeboye specifically predicted that there would be occurrences of earthquakes, vulcanoes and changes in governments across the globe, triggering different reactions even as he advised Christians to pray for the peace of Nigeria.

The revered man of God made this known while reeling out his prophesies for the New Year, few minutes to it, during the RCCG 2019 Crossover Night at the Redemption Camp, on Ogun State  corridor of the Lagos - Ibadan expressway. 

He identified sin as the instigator of what would befall man in the new year, expressing concern that  even sins unheard of or what one couldn't dare talk about in the past, are being celebrated today as normal and cool.
He however assured Christians that despite the coming tribulations, God had said he would answer their prayers and that the shout of joy and victories would be theirs in the new year.

Drawing inspiration from the Bible books of Deuteronomy and Chronicles to buttress his message to the Children of God titled " The Battle Is Not Yours," Adeboye  prophesied that occurrences of last were just child's play compared to what lies in the bowel of 2020.

He said: "This year shall be like a child having convulsion, there will be earthquakes in many places, vulcanoes that were dormant for years shall erupt, remember the prophesies of 2019, I gave it to you as Bible passages, what you have seen this year is nothing compared to what is coming, pray and that is why you should pray for Nigeria. 

"You know why all of these things will happen? It is because of sin. sin is becoming rampant, things that you can't even speak of before are now being celebrated. That is why you children of God should pray to be victorious.  

"There will be change in governments all over the world, some shall be peaceful. Some violent.You will wait until the fasting begins. The fasting is  not going to begin until January 11, so you can still celebrate and enjoy yourselves for now. 

"Now, one very important thing that Daddy said concerning you who are my children in particular, this new year, he will answer prayer, that is why I want to get out of your way. 

"I want many of you, as much as many of you that want to come to the alter to come. I have already prayed for now, your future is settled. That shall be shout of joy and  there shall be many victories, the battle  is not yours. He will answer prayer.

"So, the alter is opened, you come and nobody is going to stop you. Pray till you are satisfied then you can go. I will see you on Thursday for the Holy Communion Service. From there we move on to Friday. God bless you. Happy New Year!"

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