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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Lyon's Victory Hailed As NANS Speaks On Bayelsa, Kogi Elections

  •Governor - elect; Chief David Lyon 

The National Association of Nigeria (NANS) on Wednesday hailed the victory of Chief David Lyon of the All Progressives Congress(APC) in the Saturday 16 governorship election in Bayelsa State, saying his emergence was a true reflection of the expressed will of the people.

NANS while congratulating Lyon on his well deserved victory,  appealed to him to make education easy, accessible and affordable for pupils and students, remember those, particularly the electorate who gave him the mandate and govern Bayelsa State to the satisfaction of the people, mankind generally and God.

The NANS' Public Relations Officer,  Azeez Adeyemi, who made this known while speaking to The Daily Crucible, however expressed disappointment with the Kogi State election that returned Governor Yahaya Bello as winner.

Azeez said Kogi election has left both sweet and bitter tastes behind, adding that Yahaya Bello's children would reap the fruits of the seed sown in Kogi by their father.

Azeez said: "The Kogi and Bayelsa states elections have come and gone but not without the sweet and bitter experiences. 

"Since politics affects our lives as students, we will  not leave it entirely in the hands of mediocres to dictate  our future without our input hence, our views on both the aforementioned states elections.

"After reports from both our comrades and indigenes of Kogi and Bayelsa states, we want to congratulate the Governor-elect of Bayelsa state, David Lyon, as reports at our disposal shows that the result of the governorship election was the true will of the  people of Bayelsa state. 

"His Excellency, Mr David Lyon, we pray that the good Lord help you to govern  the state to the satisfaction of your people and God and for you to have an expected end. 

"Our findings have shown that some power blocs fought the Governor for your sake, the disagreement however contributed mostly to your emergence. We however appeal that you remember the people and most especially students in Bayelsa state who have voted for you to help them secure a good life and a better feature. 

"On Kogi State election, we would not take sides but we won't congratulate the Governor-elect as we as leaders of students and followers (students) are yet to pass a vote of confidence on the election that got Governor Yahaya Bello into office for the second term. 

"But by and large, you have gotten into office for the second term and it is not by your doings but, maybe destiny, to this end, it is important that we remind you that the people of Kogi state are highly expectant in this second term of your government. 

"Remember that your children will definitely reap the fruit of whatever you sow in this next four years. And also see it important to pay heavy backlogs of salaries of civil servants in the state, and also invest more on human capital.

"This four years is enough to convince the people of Kogi state that truely you will not put El - Rufai to shame as you've promised during the grand finalle of your rally, where the governor of Kaduna state knelt down on the stage to apologise on your behalf.

"Do all Executively possible to change the mind of kogi people that you are a person of good character with good intentions of moving Kogi state forward, thereby making the youth of this country proud and not been a reason why youths will not be trusted or considered for power.

"Remember our students are schooling in your state please be a father to them, as we have prayed that in ten folds may God pay you back for all you will be doing to them in the next four years."

Heritage Odih, Abeokuta

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