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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Don Proposes Mosquito Responsibility Tax To Defeat Malaria By 2030

• Prof. Abimbola Amoo

A Professor of Medical Parasitology, Prof. Abimbola Amoo, has proposed one dollar (N350) Mosquito Responsibility Tax(MRT) to be paid by Nigerians every month to enable the country win the war against malaria.

Amoo said that the MRT when adopted by the policy makers and government, would help the nation generate N420bn required to eradicate the scourge of malaria through total fumigation of the country against mosquitoes on or before year 2030.

The don who made this known on Tuesday while delivering  the 92nd inaugural lecture of the Olabisi Onabanjo University(OOU), Ago - Iwoye, said there was the need for attention to be shifted towards directly attacking the "vector " - the causative organism which is mosquito, and kill it if Nigeria hopes to meet her target of eliminating malaria in 2030.

Amoo noted  that  the N420bn  would be  used to carry out surveillance, biological control and chemical control of mosquitoes as well as for inter - agency cooperation and research on mosquitoes.
He said: "Based on the population of Nigeria as 201m (UNPF 2019), and the fact that 70m Nigerians are contributing to pension fund, we can source for a dollar a month from N100m people on regular pay to subscribe to a Mosquito Responsibility tax or Mosquito Malaria Tax on monthly basis.

"One dollar is equal to N350. For a year, $12 = N4,200 /person/year, N4,200×100,000,000= N420bn and when divided by 774 Local Governments = N45,219,638/ month/LG."
Amoo also called on the Local, State and Federal governments to enforce the mosquito destruction law of April 1945  and 1979 across the country, saying if his suggestion is adopted with political will, malaria would not only be wiped out of Nigeria, but also create jobs for Nigerians.
In his lecture titled "Parasites of animals and man: A dance in the forest of death," he the said laws which were enacted in 1945 in the Southern Protectorate and and Oyo State in 1979, authorised the destruction of mosquitoes with legal notice for the appointment of sanitary inspectors.
He explained that the treatment of people with malaria and use insecticide treated mosquito net have proved inadequate and ineffective in eradicating malaria, hence the need to commence a policy of mosquito destruction.

He noted that the scourge of malaria caused by parasite from the female anopheles mosquito, is a huge health burden in the country.

According to him, malaria is responsible for the increasing hospital visits, hospital admission, anaemia during pregnancy, school absenteeism among children and even deaths.

From Ayobami Ife, Abeokuta

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