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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Re: Cameron May Be Right (reply to Sen. Ojudu Babafemi), By Kelli Gazali

Salaam comrade. I just stumbled on your intervention between David Cameron and GEJ over the five year old tragedy that befell the unsuspecting innocent chibok girls. It actually made an interesting reading as you dared to speak the unspeakable.

The truth is that, the government, you remember refused at the first instance that the girls were actually kidnapped. As a bonafide son of Borno, and an elder in my own right, many of my colleagues and I were devastated and traumatized by that development, but as an ACN leader myself, I had very little to say to be heard. 

You can also remember, all Borno elders were accused of being haters of the GEJ Government and therefore ourselves considered of sabotaging the the government of GEJ. Remember also, Military personnel who had no idea whatsoever of history of the peoples of Borno and had no idea of the terrain of the state were arbitrarily deployed with the details that all Borno elders were complicit and therefore treated as funding and harboring the BHT terrorists. 

Our homes were ransacked in broad day light by Military and looted. Elders as old as in their 80’s and 90’s were not spared. Known rich men of the 60’s who acquired their wealth had their homes raided and looted by the military. 
State of emergency were proclaimed several times. The MAIDUGURI Monday market which played host to countries like Chad, Cameron, The Niger πŸ‡³πŸ‡ͺ Republic and Sudan πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡© were closed down preventing the age long flourishing trade was brought to a total halt. 

All network services were disconnected. Our only Airport was closed down. That time, BHT were freely operating, targeting and gruesomely killed in broad daylight with the aid of the military, because the military confined their activities to only the metropolis and never ventured out of the city. Curfews were taking effect from 5pm, meaning restricting people’s movements from that time till 7am the next day. And when traders wake up in morning, all their shops burgled and looted. If anyone dared complain, he or she was branded BHT and arrested and thrown to indefinite military detention and as a consequence, hundreds died in detention and till date, their corpses not seen.
Raiding of private homes of people, raping of married wives and grown up daughters in front of their husbands and parents were the order of the day.

Nobody was either safe or secure. General Muhammad Shuwa was brutally murdered at 12 midway after the Military guarding his surroundings were withdrawn the same day and up to the time GEJ left office, not even a statement of condolence was sent the family beyond the claim that he was assassinated by BHT. Many such figures were eliminated one after the other.

It may interest you to know that,the MAIDUGURI cattle market used to transport over 100 trucks loads of cattle to the southern part of the country on a daily basis, but since the GEJ Government sent what he called the JONT TASK FORCE, that reduced to less than 10 trucks because at every military check points which were over 100 between MAIDUGURI and KANO, the soldiers robbed every truck of at least ten cattle. 

The Muna cowpea market was equally dispatching over 100 truck loads of the commodity, suffered the same fate. Same with the popular Baga Fish market that was sending out over 200 trailers load of fish went the same way, to the extent that, the Military has since GEJ days was taken over by the military. They force the trapped fishermen in the lake Chad area to catch the fish for them, roast and package it for them and transport it on behalf of the military southwards, rendering the community to slavery. This is the state of affairs in Borno till date. And for your information, this is just a tip of the iceberg, as they say.
So David Cameron has just said the plain truth on the ground on what obtained during GEJ’s Government.

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