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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Minimum Wage: States Can't Pay Unless Politicians' earnings Are Reviewed Downward - Anglican Bishop

The Diocesan Bishop of Anglican Communion, Diocese of Egba West, Rt. Rev. Samuel  Ogundeji  has said that most state governments in Nigeria won't be able to pay the new N30,000 minimum wage  if the jumbo salaries and allowances of political office holders are not reviewed downward.

 Ogundeji also advised  that the planned increase in Value Added Tax (VAT) by the federal government should be dropped, urging governments at all levels to  devise other means of generating fund outside VAT to enhance their capability of paying  the minimum wage.

The Diocesan Bishop who made this known at the 3rd session of the fourth synod of Egba West Diocese, Ogun State held at St. Mathew's Anglican Church, Aseese, Mowe-Ibafo, Lagos-Ibadan expressway, added that governments need not levy crippling tax burden on Nigerian masses to fund its projects.

 He said the issue of new minimum wage and salary scale for workers should commence immediately since what the political office holders are collecting cannot be compared with  the amount  Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) is asking for. 

According to him,  emoluments for political office holders remained highest in Nigeria despite bad and wobbling economy compared to what obtains around the world.

He said the President and Vice President salaries must be trimmed down including that of the Senators, states  Assembly members and governors. 

On the incessant killings in the North East of the country, the Bishop called on the federal government to intensify effort in tackling the menace of the  Fulani herdsmen  and insecurity in the country before they bring irreparable division to the nation. 

He said: "We call on President Muhammadu Buhari and his cabinet to intensify their efforts on the issue of insecurity, health care, road networks, education, agriculture, unemployment, power supply and other amenities that will better the lives of the generality of the people in Nigeria. 

"The matter of the one sided appointments into key positions in our nation must be addressed immediately before it causes some negative reactions from different quarters because the country belongs to all of us. 

"No religion must be given greater prominence than the other, because our country is a multi-religious nation. Those who are in possession of our looted money must be made to refund them without bias or discrimination, so that our economy can bounce back."

Speaking on the theme of the synod, "What Shall We Do?", Rev.  Ogundeji urged Christians to desist from worldly things that now signpost every facet of life in the society. 

He maintained that, Christians who  participate in politics must ensure that they do not soil their hands or compromise their salvation in filthy things that would tarnish the image of the church. 

He further explained that, the church must pray fervently for nation's leaders so that they would be led by the Holy Spirit to do the bidding of the Lord which in turn will bring peace and joy to the nation.

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