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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Fulani Radio By Femi Kusa

Why is former president Olusegun ObasanJo crying wolf now?Why are the eyes of the rest of us Just opening from slumber? In 1976, or thereabout, the military regime of head of state Olusegun ObasanJo decided to weaken the regions and strengthen the federal government by silencing the voices of the regions.

      That government dismantled the long range short wave radio and television stations in the western region and in the eastern region but left the long range short-wave radio Kaduna intact for the Northern region because it was afraid to touch that region.

       As for the rest of us we saw it coming but stupidly refused to confront a killer common enemy. Fulani herders bearing AK47 assault rifles are in the nooks and crannies of all of all our forests, a standing army ready to pounce at the blast of the whistle. The South-West region clamoured for state police to confront this and other problems. The north, aware of its agenda, said no. The eastern regions also said no. Today, they are crying wolf.

     The bigger danger for all of us is that another army which bears no arms but is nevertheless upon us as well and may be armed in the twinkle of an eye knows the nooks and crannies of the streets of our villages, towns and cities and is ready, also, to pounce at the blast of the whistle. Its soldiers...guess who, are the OKADA riders.

 They all need a radio station which will galvanize them at 0 hour. Only a few of us will be able to follow the programme of this radio station because many of us are uni linguistic. In other words, we all live in OCCUPIED LANDS.

      There is no point crying wolf about FULANI RADIO. ObasanJo always allowed himself to be used against his people. Didn't he try to break the back and soul of Lagos state, the star state of the South West region?What we all can do now, as a common front against FULANI RADIO is to demand full-fledged radio stations for other nationalities in Nigeria on the same terms as FULANI RADIO will be set up. 

The federal government will be trickish in its response. It would agree only to set them up in phases, claiming economic constraints. Each nationality may agree to set up its own station, through its private investment and ensure its economic viability through TI WA N TI WA.(ours is ours) agenda. Then, every state which wants it can have its own state police. It is a shame that ObasanJo  again denied the states of their own police forces.
 It is shameful, also, that president Ebele Jonathan, a Southerner who should know where the shoes pinch went the way of the north with his mentor, ObasanJo. The north will not give up FULANI RADIO. The north fights on the tightrope. It never yields ground. Check Nigerian history. It is south that is always weak-kneed. It is likely to buckle again.

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