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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Abiodun: Charting Sure Path For Better Governance In Ogun By Olamide Lawal

Uneasy they say; lies the head that wears the crown, but then, while this adage had run for decades without questioning, the emergence of Prince Dapo Abiodun, against all odds, and the way in which he had hit the ground running - shows that he is marching readily to  shake the foundational strength of this generational maxim.

 Wait! The result of this article will solve your inquisitiveness.

The triumphant and glamorous victory that brought the governor-elect of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun is enough evidence to show what Adekunle Gold called “Ariwo ko ni music” in one of his hit songs. This indicates that an individual can actually make outstanding success with silent and salient strategies put forward in the course of an endeavor. 
Surely, this is the path the newly elected governor of Ogun State has created and actually treading.  

It is no news that, what majority of Nigerian politicians lack is a viable roadmap that can turn a mid-developed state to a developed one, thereby making it the envy of other neighbouring states or nations l0ll and, when some of them even seem to show bravados, claiming to have any, it’s usually not feasible because they are just made available to the masses to play the ‘show’ game.  That's all. 

 To be candid with ourselves, when you see one with quality, you would easily align with it for ‘deep calleth to the deep’. And there’s no gainsaying the fact that Dapo Abiodun is with the needed roadmap to salvage Ogun State from its present predicament, since only God knows when. 

This roadmap he has created is strongly evident in the just composed 23-man economic transition committee chaired by Mr. Tunde Lemo, a former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, to be supported by ten different work groups comprising highly resourceful persons, picked across board and saddled with the holistic aim of developing the roadmap into practicality.

 Having a governor-elect who is yet to be sworn-in, making such laudable moves is not only plausible but remarkable because, it shows that he has seen a future that has to be built, of which he cannot afford to allow to crumble. He has seen a state, made up of sons and daughters of extraordinary excellence who are ready to align with his vision and mission for Ogun State and its betterment. And, there is nothing that has brought this people of great repute together, to volunteer under His Excellency; if they hadn’t seen the stuff he is made of.

You would agree that, from this committee, Prince Abiodun is ready for business; seeing the caliber of thoroughly-bred professionals, highly read, widely travelled and well-disciplined individuals that makes up the committee and other work groups. 

Beyond this, the governor-elect unarguably, gazed beyond political affinity to do what no ordinary man would do in the build-up to his administration by setting a model of running an inclusive government where citizens of the soil who are from strong opposition parties were included in the transformational agenda of driving the people to the Next Level. 

Amazingly, someone from the present administration was as well, made welcome into the committee to see to the workability of the roadmap of the state. That is why it should be reiterated that Dapo Abiodun is doing what no politician, not even an ordinary man would do.

To a shallow mind and politician who wants to “enjoy his four year- term”, it wouldn’t have been possible but here comes a man whose philosophy is based on what you can bring to bear, to the advantage of the people who gave him their votes freely. As such, Ogun State people should be congratulated because their messiah has apparently emerged – as against the era of family governance witnessed in the recent outgoing administration; which has gone on a voyage of no return.

Dr Abiodun can best be described as a unifying figure who has tried to unite all warying opposition parties, despite the fact that he has not been sworn in. 

If a Governor-Elect has gone this far and has done this much before his inauguration, then it is unarguable that the best is yet to be witnessed in Ogun state. 

Furthermore, the experts he brought together are not a bunch of mediocre who are not knowledgeable about the task given to them since he strategically involved persons that would seamlessly integrate into the process thereby, making the job to be done enjoyably. He understands that to make things work, you must involve the right persons and not just base things on familiarity and all. This group of people who are meant to transform the vision to policy papers and set agenda for the coming government are vast and experienced in the various fields that the vision and mission is detailed about, with a good number of them having international recognitions, valid research contributions and honours that has distinguished them in different fora of human activities. They would also x-ray the activities of the outgoing administration which means these people are ready for business and are determined to fight for the rights of the ordinary people. 
With already established business gurus, professors and politicians brought together especially as it cut-across the whole of Ogun State, wonders would be birthed, greatness would fill the atmosphere and prosperity will be the order of the day. 
 The citizens wouldn’t need to cry afoul because the budget and every kobo would be duly accounted for and audited as expected in any democracy.

 Their profiles, linages and experience aren’t debatable because they possess phronesis which is actually needed to drive any government to the promise land, not just those that can talk and cannot do the actual work of performance. 

This committee is a platform and a stepping stone for policy upliftment, which would help actualize every campaign promises and make the crown the Dapo Abiodun would soon wear become fit, bearable, easy and well ‘slayed’.
There is a burning desire for development of Ogun state in the heart of Prince Dapo Abiodun, as he recently met with the World Bank country director for Nigeria and West Africa Regional Integration alongside his team in Abuja. This meeting, apparently was to further cement the relationship of the bank and the state. 

Ogun state residents and indegenes cannot but be fervent in Prayers for a successful implementation of the Policies and programmes of this Oil magnate because with Dapo Abiodun, the future looks brighter.

Olamide Lawal is a political activist, member of DA media and writes from Abeokuta.

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