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Sunday, April 7, 2019

World Health Day; Shun Open defecation, drug abuse, Doctors Advise Nigerians

 As the world marks the world health day, the Ogun State Chapter of the Association of General and Private Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (AGPMPN) has advised Nigerians shun open defecation and other unhygienic practices to safeguard their health and that of others.

The chairman, Ogun State Chapter of AGPMPN, Dr Rabiu  Kusimo, in a release  on Sunday  to commemorate the 2019 world health day, listed open defecation, drug abuse and filthiness as areas where many of the diseases thrive and spread. 

Kusimo urged Nigerians to  watch what they eat; both quality and quantity to maintain healthy living. 

He noted that the theme of this year edition of World Health Day according to World Health Organisation(WHO), is ‘universal health coverage,’ aimed at ensuring  that people have access to health care at their community.

He also advised people to support and encourage immunisation at all levels even as he called on  governments to improve health care delivery  across all levels by allocating more fund into primary health care and health insurance schemes.

He said: "At the community levels, the CDAs should be the eyes of the government in ensuring that all houses have toilet facilities to prevent indiscriminate defecation and urination in the community; these are reasons for disease spread within the community. 

"There is need to pay more attention to our environment especially in relation to filth, dirt and general wastes.

" Very many of the diseases thrive in dirty environments from where they also spread.  Individuals should watch what they eat in terms of quality and quantity. 

"Food vendors should be made to operate in a clean environment. Bushes within the community should be cut while adequate attention should be paid to drainages to forestall the menace of mosquitoes, rats and other inhabitants of such dirty places.

“Parents and managers of our educational institutions should be very vigilant with the manners and attitudes of our teeming students. Drug abuse and other vices which are fast becoming a menace can be better nipped in the bud if a place for hiding is not available in the school, home environment and between both.

“Good health is not only the absence of diseases but a state of complete well being of the individuals and these coalesce into the health of all in the communities or nations. 

" Ogun AGPMPN advises that individuals should take their health issues more seriously. Unusual changes in any part of the body should be taken seriously.

" Headaches, pains and discomfort of any type in any part of the body is a call to attention. Disease conditions are easier to treat with an early detection which can only be achieved with early reporting. It is time to also know that prevention is not only better than cure, it is also cheaper."

Ayobami Ife, Abeokuta

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