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Monday, April 15, 2019

Tiger, Trump And The Mendacious Medal By Vitus Ozoke

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News is that Donald Trump plans to award Tiger Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Sounds good, but smells ratty. I'm a big fan of Tiger Woods. I've been rooting for his comeback. By winning his 15th major this weekend at Augusta, Tiger has begun his long walk to redemption. But let's not forget why Tiger fell out of grace with his numerous fans. He serially cheated on his wife.

So, when Donald Trump, a serial spousal cheater, awards a presidential medal of freedom to Tiger Woods, the narrative will not be laudatory in its essence. It will be analytically parallelistic. Observers, commentators, and analysts will be quick to identify a queasy kinship forged out of an inglorious commonality.

Tiger Woods is redeemable. He has skills. He is beloved. He is walking his way back from the cemetery of shame and infamy. He will roar back, morally and athletically. He is Tiger and his tigeritude will always be there. Donald Trump's flaws are bone deep. Like the skunk, the pungency of his bigotry and xenophobia is lodged in his marrows and oozing through his pores. He is irredeemable.

Tiger must resist and reject any award from Donald Trump. The sight of them both on stage will become the story. The medal will be a footnote. Coming from Donald Trump, Tiger's medal will be a badge of dishonor. Rather than be a medal of freedom, it will hang from his neck as a harness of bondage, tethering him to Trump's irrevocable indiscretions and mendacities.

The decision should be an easy one. Top rate athletes and organized professional sport franchises have had no difficulty turning down invitations to the Trump White House. Tiger should follow suit. If he does not, if Mr. Woods goes to Washington to accept Trump's medal, he will have rolled back the hands of time to that infamous night of November 27, 2009, near Windermere, Florida. He doesn't want to go back there. He shouldn't let Donald Trump lure him back there with a mendacious medal of shame.

- Vitus Ozoke is a global citizen with passion for knowledge and justice.

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