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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Kingsley Muoghalu: Quitting Before He Begins By Vitus Ozoke

News is that Kingsley Moughalu has quit politics. And I ask: was Kingsley ever in politics? Working in the banking sector your entire life; never for one day attending a townhall meeting or ever organizing anything at the community level; but dropping from the outer space to run for president, does not make you a politician.

Running for president in Nigeria, the way most opportunists do it, does not make you a politician, it makes you a gambler. Moughalu gambled, and lost. And like Kenny Rogers sang, every gambler knows the secret to surviving is knowing what to throw away and knowing what to keep. Moughalu is a good gambler who has decided what to keep by quitting the table. So, he didn't quit politics, Moughalu quit the gamble.

Lesson of it is simple. You don't reap where you have not sown. It's only in Nigeria that people begin their 'politics' by running for president. Someone who has never done any form of community organizing, who has never led anything, who has never led a rally, who has never led any movement, who has never led any protest, who has never written any petitions, never served in any political capacity, cannot quit politics. He was never in politics.

Kingsley Moughalu was never in politics. If he was ever in politics, Kingsley would have known that politics was not a linear graph. You win some, you lose some. By his announcement that he is quitting politics, after one shot at the presidency, Moughalu has betrayed a sense of entitlement. Only folks who view presidency as their birthright will quit politics after one failed shot at it. If Muoghalu cared for Nigeria any more than he cared for himself, he would know that quitting was not an option. He would know that rescuing Nigeria was a marathon, not a sprint.

Folks like Muoghalu dabble into politics without any gut-seated moral convictions. It is an opportunity sport for them. They lose the first quarter and they are gone, leaving their fans and supporters high and dry. Muoghalu hijacked a political party he was not there when it was formed. The founders of YPP graciously offered Muoghalu a party platform to contest the last presidential election because they believed in him. If Donald Igwegbu and the few other folks who did the heavy lifting to form YPP had known that they were propping up a quitter, I doubt that they would have made that mistake.

There's so much at stake. So much work to be done. Smart folks like Kingsley Muoghalu are needed, desperately, to rescue Nigeria. The country needs fighters, not quitters. For the sake of a cause greater than himself, Kingsley Muoghalu should get into politics. This time, real politics, not hit, miss, and run. Not four-month run for presidency.

If Kingsley wants to run for president in four years, he must start today. He must start with grassroots mobilization. He must undertake some forms of community organizing. He must lead something. He must lead a rally. He must lead a movement. He must lead a protest. He must write petitions. He must serve in some political capacity. Then he can run for president - and win. And if he doesn't win, then he can quit.

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