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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

We'll Industrialise Nigeria To Drive Development, GDPN Presidential Candidate Vows


Godwin Akomah, Southwest Bureau

The Presidential candidate of the Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria (GDPN), Dr Davidson Isibor Akhimien (DIA) has pledged to initiate policy that would industrialise the country if elected President.

Akhimien also pledged to frontally tackle the level of mass illiteracy among Nigerians of school age, which  he said, resulted from years of poor level of human capacity development nationwide.

The Presidential hopeful who made the promises  during a campaign tour of Oyo state on Wednesday  explained that industrialisation would rejig the economy, create more job opportunities for the nation's teeming unemployed youth, boost the Gross Domestic Products(GDP) and Gross National Income(GNI) of the country.

On the tackling illiteracy,  Akhimien said literacy programme would free the country from the challenges of having a "critical mass of Nigerians who are unable to comprehend or understand the mechanism of change as being taunted by different political parties." 

The campaign rally which took place at the famous Mapo Hall, Ibadan, was  attended by the national and state leadership of the party in Oyo State as well as Lagos and Osun  States respectively where party flags and emblems were presented to the party's governorship candidates.

While addressing the people, the party's Presidential candidate who was dressed in the symbolic overall coat noted that the dressing is an indication of the party’s readiness to hit the ground running immediately it is elected and sworn -  in  into office.

He said real change could  only come when there is a clear cut  direction the  expected change would take given the mindset of Nigerians, assuring  that the party remains determined to  build a new Nigeria.

According to him, GDPN is poised to bring about a new Nigeria that entails taking the issue of education and human capacity development very serious.

He said: “We represent a political elite that is not an armchair kind of political elite, we are a political elite that hit the ground running, so we are attired in this special manner in order to send the message to Nigerians that on the first day when we assume office, we are hitting the ground running. We are workers and not armed chair politicians.

“Our major focus is the industrialization of our country and so, this attire speaks the story and we are going to be reviving our economy by major and massive injections of industrialization policies that will bring about the transformation of our economy and job opportunities for the youths of our country.

“One of the greatest challenges facing Nigerians is the level of illiteracy of majority of our people. As a result of the level of the illiteracy, you will find that human capacity development is abysmally low and so the Nigerian people, a critical mass of them are not able to comprehend or understand the mechanism of change.

“Real change can only occur when there is a comprehension of the direction in which that change will flow, the change of mindset of the people. So, for us as the Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria (GDPN), building a new Nigeria, a fresh Nigeria will entail taking the issue of education and human capacity development very seriously, because we believe that no matter what you build, if you build it on faulty foundation, it will come crumbling down like a pack of card.

“So, we don't want a faulty foundation, when you talk about 200million Nigerians, yes, that is good but I am telling you that it avails nothing if 50 or 60 per cent of them are illiterate, so education is going to be taking the major thrust in our policies and programmes.”

The 53years old, ex- military Intelligence Officer of the Nigerian Army, equally pledged to deploy his experience to tackle the security challenges facing the country.

“The state of the security in Nigeria could have been better. Things have really gone bad as regards to security. On every front, we are experiencing cases of insecurity but all of these are surmountable, you just need the knowledge, the know-how and the political will as well as the need to depoliticize issues of national security by the political class.

“As we de-emphasis politics and face it technically, I am telling you a lot will be achieved.  But by the grace of the Almighty God, we will surmount all of these problems when we come to power in 2019,” he said.

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