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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

We'll Deliver Bloc Vote To Akinlade - Hausa /Fulani Community

The Hausa-Fulani Community in Ogun State have adopted  Hon. Adekunle Akinlade of the Allied Peoples Movement (APM) as their preferred candidate for the Governorship election scheduled for March 9.

The Hausa - Fulani also declared their willingness to deliver bloc vote to Akinlade.

According to the ethnic group in the state, they have interacted with other governorship candidates and have come to the conclusion that the APM candidate is better than the rest.

Speaking at a ceremony to endorse Akinlade, the Head of the Hausa-Fulani Community in Egbaland, Alhaji Ibrahim Hassan Hassan said their decision was informed by the need to have somebody who would complete the on - going projects being executed in the state by the out - going Governor Ibikunle Amosun.

Hassan said the legacies of the Governor should be sustained.

He said: "We believe Amosun has built a solid foundation for the State and we have faith in Akinlade to carry on in his legacy.

 "We know Akinlade is the most qualified candidate among all the candidates contesting for the Governorship seat. We have interacted with the other candidates and we found him (Akinlade) to be the most qualified among them.

"Secondly, all the projects embarked on by Amosun must not stop. We want Akinlade to continue with Amosun's mission to rebuild Ogun State.

"Amosun's administration has been generous to us. His government is a government that accommodate all, irrespective of your tribe or religious affiliation and we see Akinlade following his footsteps.

"The administration of Amosun, through his massive infrastructural development projects has given us the enabling environment for our businesses to thrive and it is only fair that we repay him back by voting massively for his candidate."

"Since President Mohammadu Buhari told us when he came here that we should vote for whoever we want, we have chosen Akinlade as our candidate and we will ensure that he wins the election with our votes."

In his response, Akinlade appealed to the electorate to vote for him,  even if it means voting by proxy.

Akinlade daid: "Even if you do not have PVC, you can still vote for me. What you need to do is to go to a person that has PVC and urge the person to vote for me, when you do that, you have voted for me by proxy.

 "We knew what Ogun State was then. There was no security, banks were afraid to open, infrastructure in the State were totally collapsed, there were no good roads even in Abeokuta, the State capital but when Amosun came, he turned the fortunes of the State around for good.

"My intentions for the State are pure and good. During my administration, you will feel at home, irrespective of your tribe. I assure you that you shall be able to carry out your businesses without fear. Your children will be able to go to school without intimidation.

"I also assure you that if I am elected as the Governor of the State, I will appoint Hausa-Fulani into my administration."

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