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Sunday, March 31, 2019

APC And Femi Gbaja's Quest For Reps Speakership By Princewill Odidi

Femi Gbaja declaration to contest the House of Reps speakership May sound discomforting for the APC leadership establishment because of his endorsement by the Peoples Democratic Party, but to those with understanding of African Politics and the non existence of political ideologies guarding party behavior, it is actually a good thing for our democracy. 

In actual facts, APC members do not see themselves different from PDP, apart from party names, there’s no single issue that both parties differ on. 

A look at the types of bills often passed, voting has never been based on party lines, the reason is simple, the parties have no set believes whether ideological, religious or even ethnic colorations that determines voting patterns. The parties are only different in names and nothing more. 
Also, in terms of agenda, the parties tend not to have defined agendas. 

APC leadership should tread carefully not to have a repeat to how Sarakis senate presidency almost scuttled Buharis Presidency. 

Femi is an APC member, his own party should not draw lines where lines do not exist. The executive Arm should understand that Congress creates and determines how the dynamics of her leadership should be selected. The executives or party leadership tele-guided by the Presidency should desist from imposing herself on Congress. 

Democracy originally, was not designed to operate this way. In advanced democracies scenarios where an opposition party can align with a faction of the ruling party to determine the congressional leadership cannot occur because partisanship is ideological . But in our clime, practically nothing determines partisanship. A man wakes up in the morning as a PDP leader abusing APC, and in the evening he is APC member turning around to blame PDP his original party for 16 years as the party that destroyed Nigeria. The past few years have really exposed us to the moral bankruptcy of party politics in Nigeria. 

In advanced democracies, Democrats and Republicans are like day and night. They look at the world differently, they reason differently, even on social issues like gay rights, abortions, environment, they look at it differently. A mere ten minutes conversation with an American, without him mentioning his party, You can tell you which party he will likely align to. 

Democrats don’t just wake up and decamp to Republicans because the party did not treat them right as we have in Nigeria. Party discipline is ideological founded, it is not based on force or threats. 

Based on the explanation proffered above, I believe Buhari would have a far cooperative Congress if he allows the institution develop it’s own internal mechanisms on how her leaders are selected.  If Femi Gbaja has the ability to buy into the opposing PDP, it is a good thing. Let democracy evolve and develop its own character. Just my personal opinion.

- By Princewill Odidi, is a Public commentator

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