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Friday, February 15, 2019

Still On Cowardly, Faceless Pastor... By Femi Kusa

Finally, I asked him(my friend) if he was aware that when the lord Jesus set foot on Jewish soil, the Jews were colonised by the romans and suffering in political bondage.They cried out for a messiah, and one came. But  they did not see his mission in spiritual light. 

Judas is chariot, one of his disciples, connived with the political and religious figures of those days to make Jesus  declare a revolution during the passover feast. Judas, a corrupt disciple, took a bribe of 30 shekels.

He organised the Hosannah crowd.But when the Lord entered the temple, he preached not REBELLION but THE BROTHERHOOD OF ALL MEN.This should be a great lesson for pastors and priests in this season of lent.

  I am not one of those gullible Christians who follow pastors and general overseers sheepishly. I look only to my maker Whose Will or command in the TEN COMMANDMENTS is enough for me. I believe Iam linked to him and do not need a link in a pastor or general overseer, whatever the spiritual acrobats they perform, who may not be as inwardly mature as Iam. Didn'y bar Jesus perform spiritual acrobats in the days of Jesus of Nazareth?

Didn't Olusegun Obasanjo once tell them to their faces..."CAN my foot." And did they not flock to him this election season to save them from a law which prohibits church leaders from being in charge of the finances of their churches, and to make the church pay tax?

Do they not cook the books of their accounts...these men who teach their congregation not to "bear false witness"?

 That pastor must be fronting for a political party who runs down Christians in the government as not representing christian interest and says Christians should throw them all out and VOTE FOR THE CHURCH. In my view, he was too cowardly to say which party should get christian votes. 

Are we polarised on religious grounds or is THE CHURCH a political party? We know the Buhari government has a buoyant christian presence and we know who he is referring to. We know who the biggest opponent of Buhari is. And if we permit ourselves to link ancestories in this configuration with him, we can guess where he is coming from and where he is heading.

Why call the name of the Lord in vain for cheap, vain political ends?Christians," I say, vote according to your conscience, for, in THE JUDGEMENT, no pastor will stand in your defence on how you excercised the free gift of your FREEWILL.

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